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    Default sti driver lcd dispaly fading

    hi guys i am having a problem with my sti driver the display seems very wonkey it will sometimes fade out completely while in use this includes the display and the backlight buttons then i have to flick it to get it to come back on its very annoying. i aso tried to take it off the auto dim and this still happends. has anyone had this problem? i want to know if i should just take it apart and check the connections?
    let me know guys

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    Default Re: sti driver lcd dispaly fading

    Send it in and let bel fix it. It costs $60 and you will have a very fresh STi upon return. Bel's cs is outstanding.

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    Default Re: sti driver lcd dispaly fading

    that needs to get fixed.Send it and they should fix that.

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    Default Re: sti driver lcd dispaly fading





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