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    Default RX65 Mute Button Inconsistent

    My dad's RX65 has been annoying the hell out of me because the mute button wont always work. I've noticed the detector will clearly say a certain band is being detected and all the times that i cant mute, the power cord doesnt flash "alert" so when I push mute, nothing happens. I've checked my connection 100x and I dont want to condemn the detector, cuz its obviously alerting; Could it be the cord?

    I wonder if Bel will replace my cord for me. :/

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    Default Re: RX65 Mute Button Inconsistent

    Yeah, I believe it could definitely be the cord. I've never had a bad cord on a radar detector, but I have with other electronics, which caused them to not function quite right.

    Call up Bel and see. It's worth a shot; I hear their customer service is great.



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