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    Default Firmware upgrade from 3.6 to 4.5 Is it needed?

    Has anyone sent their Bel 995 back to Bel for upgrade from Firmware vers. 3.6 to vers. 4.5? I got mine off eBay Version 3.6, FCC Id# QL4G1S7 ( I know I should have gotten from Roy, but i did not know about Roy when I bought it.) and was wondering if it would be worth $85 to upgrade.
    Was there a noticable difference:

    For instance:
    Falseing- Laser and POP?
    Better Filtering- door openers?
    Detection Range?

    Please let me know... I am looking to send it back shortly if I feel the need to.

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    For $85 I probably wouldn't unless it started giving clear performance issues, random falsing, Self Cal's...

    For just the cost of shipping I would.

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    There is a decrease in POP falsing betwee 3.6 and 4.5, but that's pretty much it.



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