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    Default STi-R Plus Off-Axis Reception, Ka 34.7

    I have received feedback on the mounting of my antenna behind my front bumper cover, and some of the comments were that the bumper cover would diminish the reception and effect off-axis performance.

    So far, I have been extremely pleased with how my RD works with the antenna mounted behind the bumper cover, and last night I had an interesting alert. Reference the following picture:

    I was travelling south on the freeway, exited via the off ramp onto McKenzie Lake Blvd and then turned left (eastward) onto McKenzie Towne Blvd.

    As soon as I made the curve, I started getting a 34.7 alert. This road "arcs" where it goes over the freeway and you can't see what's on the other side, so I thought perhaps the cops had a speed trap set up further down the road.

    As it turned out they didn't, but just past the traffic circle I noticed a big "Checkstop" bus that the local cops use when conducting checkstops (looking for drunk drivers). The bus was located where the blue line is. Parked on the opposite side of the bus was a police cruiser with the 34.7 Ka in C/O (the smaller yellow line). I've drawn a couple yellow lines to show how he was facing / where his radar was aimed.

    The map says the distance from where I got the first alert to where the cruiser was parked was .6 miles. To me, this was pretty good, as the radar was basically at 90 degrees to me, about half a mile away, and my unit still picked it up.

    So if my bumper is affecting the performance of my unit, it can't be by much.

    It was in highway mode, running segs 2,4,5 and 8, POP off, TSR off, RDR off.

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    Default Re: STi-R Plus Off-Axis Reception, Ka 34.7

    Thats great detection as far as I am concerned. 90 deg angle over half a mile detection, congrats. I would think the bumper would have a larger effect on the sensitivity.

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    Default Re: STi-R Plus Off-Axis Reception, Ka 34.7

    As long as the bumper cover isn't metallic (and they're plastic or fiberglass on all cars nowadays), it shouldn't affect radar reception.

    In theory, a plastic grill shouldn't affect reception either, but some say it does. Maybe the slots reflect the beam in funny ways that a solid piece of plastic doesn't.
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    Default Re: STi-R Plus Off-Axis Reception, Ka 34.7

    So, just got home and had another 34.7 alert.

    I was out watching the local Friday Night drags at the dragstrip near my place (purple circle), and while driving home, got another 34.7 alert.

    I first picked it up as I was westbound on 114th ave approaching 52nd street. After turning and heading south, the alert remained steady for quite a ways, but slowly started to ramp up. When I got stopped at the lights at 130th ave, it had increased and appeared as though it was very close to going to full ramp up. As I continued south past 130th, the alert quickly slowed down then ceased, so the cop must have been west on 130th avenue somewhere.

    As you can see, this was a ~1.3 mile detection.

    Since I've had this, I can't believe how many alerts I've received and am amazed that I drove for so long without a RD. This wasn't a save, as the cop wasn't on my path of travel, but a good detection nonetheless.

    I just picked up a suction cup mount for my video camera...I'll have to start videoing my encounters.
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