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    Default STI-R Plus Autolock

    Just to be clear (and this is a question), the Autolock feature does not look for how many radar sources there are in an area, it looks for a frequency in a specific area? Example: Automated door is running at 24.178 GHZ. No matter how many other radar sources are around, they will all be blocked if they fall between 24.163 thru 24.193? If this is correct, wouldn't it make sense to have the autolock be more like a bogey counter? Please correct me if I am wrong on this.
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    Default Re: STI-R Plus Autolock

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    is this different to the Passport-9500ci-Radar-Detector-Laser-ShifterPro-p/9500ci-pro.htm">9500ci? I was under the impression the 9500ci will unlock the alert tone if it detects more than 1 radar source from a previously locked area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewCents05 View Post
    is this different to the 9500ci? I was under the impression the 9500ci will unlock the alert tone if it detects more than 1 radar source from a previously locked area?
    It (the 9500ci, Sti-R+, Escort-Passport-9500ix-Radar-Detector-p/9500ix.htm">9500ix etc.) scans the band in (I think) 30 Mhz segments. If it sees a signal in a given segment at least 3 times it locks out that segment in that location. If another signal appears in another segment (i.e. a real LEO) it won't get locked out, but if by chance the LEO falls into the same segment as the false, then it will get locked out.

    Belscort's "multiple signal detection" (i.e. Escort's expert display) also works using the same 30 MHz banding. 2 signals within the same 30 MHz segment will be treated as 1.

    The V1 uses a similar algorithm for its bogey counter but it uses much narrower segments so it almost never treats 2 signals as 1. Instead, it can ghost when a signal bleeds into another segment.
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