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    Default Bel STI-R Plus - Early Impressions

    Well, all of the hype got to me and I finally ordered and installed mine. Only took a few hours to put in and now running with my LI jammer so I should be all set. I previusly had an STI Driver and I am getting a lot of false lasers. I think in 3 years running my STI I had 1 false laser, in 2 weeks I have had a least 4 false alerts. It is at the point where I think I will just turn off laser and use my LI to identify and jam Laser. Not sure if others have the same issue, but if I did not have the LI system I would be pretty frustrated with the laser performance. From a Ka perspective it is great! I have yet to run my old STI beside the new unit but I have gotten some great range so far! I also have more K false alerts but that may be beacuse I have the filtering off under the settings. Overall I am happy as I bought it for the GPS features and great Ka range.


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    Default Re: Bel STI-R Plus - Early Impressions

    Congrats Dude! You'll love it. With the LI's you don't need Laser turned on for the Plus. I got a ton of false laser hits until I finally turned it off.



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