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    Default RX65 Refurb - update

    My last post concerned the defective RX65 refurb that I received. Well I must say the that the customer service at Bel was terrific. I sent the defective unit back on a Thurs. June 30th and received the replacement on Wed. July 6th. The new unit worked great.
    However, I ended up returning it for a refund, mainly because the text display was unreadable in direct sunlight. I didn't notice it in the first unit because it was overcast when I tested it. Larry at Escort was great in helping me out. I was disappointed that it didn't work out, as I really wanted the RX USA mode. What I ended up doing, after thinking it over a few days, was to order a NEW RX65 in hoping that the display might have been improved with M4 design vs. the S7. Sure enough I was right, the new unit 's
    display is far superior to the refurbs. It seems that the refurbs display was about as bright as my old BEl 936's, which was virtually unreadable in direct sunlight. Anyway, the new unit works great, especially on 35.5 with terrific range. It's a keeper.

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    Default Re: RX65 Refurb - update

    Glad that they took care of you.

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    Default Re: RX65 Refurb - update

    Enjoy! My refurb is great. Better range than my x50, louder, and I have no problem reading the display because I have it hardwired and mounted high by my rvm. Laser detection sucks b@!!s though.



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