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    Default Beltronics service pack 1 update issues

    Not sure if anyone has had any problems but i have had issues with Detector Tools after installing an update. When opening Detector Tools, the screen opens for a few seconds and then a window appears saying a problem occurred and the program will close, and click here to debug. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and a few other things with no luck.

    I took my laptop to my local Beltronics distributor and they said they had never seen the error before. After a bit of playing around they said that the problem was with my laptop and not their software.

    I gave my laptop to a computer guru (i am computer illiterate) and after a few days he said he solved the problem. He said that the "service pack 1" update for Windows 7 was causing the program to shut down. uninstalled Windows and re installed it with restore points and set the restore point to a time before the "service pack 1" update was downloaded. It all seems to be working fine now.

    Just thought i would share in case anyone else had a similar issue.

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    Default Re: Beltronics service pack 1 update issues

    Other people have had it happen to Escorts detector tools. As you found out it is a Windows problem. Programs not working after installing a Windows service pack is common.



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