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    Default RX65 S7 replaced my V995

    Well, I read all the posts where Nine_c1 talked about how good the RX65 S7 performed.
    So, I bought a broke one off Ebay, sent it in to Beltronics for repair. I am very pleased with the performance so far. And...I was able to run my V1 at the same time without "noticeble" interference. First run was against a stationary K band V1 only, 2nd run was same K band RX65 only. Third run was with them both up and running. Detection distance was almost the same for all three runs! Have yet to find a Ka band source for testing against. Thanks Nine_c1!!

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    Default Re: RX65 S7 replaced my V995

    From what I've seen, K band performance isn't effected nearly as much as Ka band performance when it comes to interference between detectors.

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    Default Re: RX65 S7 replaced my V995

    Have fun with the RX65. It's a very good detector. nine_c1 is a book of knowledge on the RX as well as the V1. I just picked up a 9500IX (red) about three weeks ago. I keep that one in my 6 speed Spec-V, and the RX65 in my Tahoe. The IX is really quiet, but when it goes off you know it's a threat. As for detection range they seem about the same with the RX edging out the IX in KA (because of USA mode). I love the database on the IX because I go to Houston every now and then, and they are plagued with redlight and speed cameras. Let me know how you like the RX!



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