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    Got myself an STi Magnum for Christmas and have been running it since Monday. So far I'm pleased with it. Day 1 it sniffed out a CHP from 1.5 miles & around a bend on my way to work, then it really saved my rear on the way home as the normally predictable chippies switched things up and had 3 radar units set up within a mile or so, designed so that just as soon as you think it's safe to accelerate you are in the sights of the next guy. Day 2 saw just the normal traps on the morning drive and another multi-unit trap on the drive home - the Threat Mode saved my bacon big-time! So this thing has already paid for itself (even though I've got 6 months to pay). My old 980 was shipped back this morning for an $80 discount.

    I like the threat display since it gives me a good picture of what is going on when there are multiple threats in the area.

    My only complaint thus far is that I wish the auto-dim feature dimmed before full dark. It stays bright longer into the evening than I like. First I manually set it to the dimmest setting, then switched back to auto and instead changed the "pilot view" from the default to the one that just shows a letter on the display when there is no threat. This way I don[t have to keep changing brightness settings as the single letter doesn't bother me like the full "autoscan" did. It would be nice if the red light on the cord could be dimmed too.

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    It is a great detector. I used in VA yesterday and it sniffed out every single cop running KA on 95. Even picked up one Statie using instant on around the bend. I use mine with escort live. If it had arrows, this setup would be unstapable...
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    I suggest hardwire on your cord problem unless you want that remote mute button, frees up your cig lighter and makes for a cleaner install. I also found wind location affected my auto-dim in my Cadillac a lot more than my Nissan, maybe different glass spots will help you out? What kind of car is it?

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    Seems good.

    I'm deciding between escort redline vs the same one you got

    i'll probably go with the one you got because i read the redline pics up lots of false readings BUT pics up better ka band



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