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    Default Upgrade from Bel 895

    I have a Bel 895 which has the S7 horn. Since it is a number of years old I was thinking of upgrading with the idea of updating to the best detection technology. I live in the Seattle area and want to get the best performance for my driving in Washington state and in the surrounding states including Canada.

    I am getting confused with all the discussions but am I correct to assume the S7 Horn gets me the foundation for performance and any new detector I buy is simply new features. So my question is if I buy a new radar detector can I basically assume I am buying features not actual detection performance? The detectors I am thinking about are the Bel RX65, GX65, Sti Magnum or Passports 8500 or 9500. Will these give me an upgrade in performance? thanks for your thoughts

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    Default Re: Upgrade from Bel 895

    They will all offer an upgrade in performance, especially on K and Ka radar.

    The Beltronics STi Magnum or Escort RedLine offer the best performance and stealth to radar detector detectors (RDDs). RDDs are used by police in areas where detector use is prohibited to spot people using detectors.

    The GX65 and Passport 9500ix offer a lot more feature-wise with the inclusion of a GPS chipset. They offers features such as TrueLock false alert elimination, alerts to red light and speed cameras, speed display, etc. Their performance is slightly less than the Magnum and RedLine.

    The X50Black and RX65 offer performance similar to the 9500ix and GX65 but do not offer GPS based features.

    If you are interested in an installed system then the Beltronics STi-R Plus and Passport 9500ci offer RedLine/Magnum performance along with GPS features of the 9500ix/GX65. The 9500ci adds laser shifters which jams laser.

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608



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