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    Default Threat Display feature with the RX65.

    Has any people around this forum ever used this feature?

    If so, what do you think of it?

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    Default Re: Threat Display feature with the RX65.

    the Threat Display gives the most complete information of the display choices

    Not only is the strength indication the most accurate(audio RampUp is terrible in all modes), but you get very good information during multi-band encounters

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    Default Re: Threat Display feature with the RX65.

    Guess it would depend on your area and where you are driving. I can see the multiband display being nice for congested radar areas but up here the police only use Ka in the city or Laser and K or Ka on the LONG empty highways so it is very easy to pick out what bands you actually need and don't. I prefer the Tech display for exact bands so I can attempt to learn them

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    Default Re: Threat Display feature with the RX65.

    I also prefer to use my RX65-pro in tech mode while I drive around the town.
    I use the threat mode while I drive on a long interstate.



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