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    Default BEL 980... Still Usable?

    Hi Everybody,

    I'm doing a trip from Winnipeg, Canada to Arizona, and I've been looking into a couple detectors - an 8500 V50 Black and an RX65. Recently, I came across my old BEL 980 in a box and it got me thinking, is this detector still usable? I see it can detect X, K, Ka and Laser. I'm not too concerned about false alarms, but is there anything extremely lacking in the 980 in comparison to the other two models mentioned above? Is it worth shelling out $300 for one of those models vs just using the 980?

    Thanks in advance for your patience with a new member. I've read up a fair bit on the new models and have a pretty good understanding of their features, but am in the dark about the 980 and its performance capabilities.

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    Default Re: BEL 980... Still Usable?

    The Bel 980 uses the S7 platform. It works rather well. In fact, many here prefer it over Belscort's current budget M4 platform. Assuming it's working properly, it should perform right on par with the two detectors you are considering. Maybe not quite as well, but certainly close enough that you needn't spend the money on either of the two you are considering.

    Now, if we're talking about one of the M3s(Bel STi Magnum, Escort Redline, Bel STi-R Plus), that's a different story since they perform on an entirely different level.

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    Default Re: BEL 980... Still Usable?

    I agree if it is working correctly then it is a good detector. The s7 is very good at off axis detection and very good on k and ka band.

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    Default Re: BEL 980... Still Usable?

    Thanks for replying to my post guys, that is very helpful information!

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    Default Re: BEL 980... Still Usable?

    Having owned one, I can tell you that the 980 is a very good RD!




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