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    Default Bell 985 Jack Broken

    My trusty detector`s jack doesn't seem to want to work anymore as the piece fell off inside.

    Called support and they said that they couldn't and wouldn't help me with repairing it as its been discontinued.

    Any suggestions on where else i can send this if any for repair?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Bell 985 Jack Broken

    Yeah I have a V960 that the power jack does not work. I even tried a different cord. You should be able to get $40 credit towards a new high end Bel directly from them.
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    Default Re: Bell 985 Jack Broken

    Radio Shack ?

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    Default Re: Bell 985 Jack Broken

    Thanks guys.I was able to find something from radio shack but every time the cord moved it would loose power.

    Took it apart to take a peak before I threw it out and was surprised at how little there is to these things .

    I think I counted over 40 patent numbers lol.

    Thanks again gentlemen.



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