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    Default RX-65 identification

    I have a rx65 pro that I purchased back in 09/2007 running firmware v6.3. I just got escort live for it, and I love the idea. The problem is that it needs a firmware update, but my serial number got ripped off from my previous mount (Velcro). I opened it up and was able to identify that it has an M4 horn, with a sticker on the inside that says "inspected 08/2007". Does anyone have a guess as to what the first 2 digits of the serial # would be? I need this for updating the firmware through escort live. Thanks in advance for the support. This thing has been a life saver in all of my cars (2005 Supercharged corvette, 2000 WRX, 2006 BMW 330XI). WELL worth its weight in gold.

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    Default Re: RX-65 identification

    Try "AG4", that should be for a red LED RX65.

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    Quote Originally Posted by insidercw3 View Post
    Try "AG4", that should be for a red LED RX65.
    My next question is this. If I guess wrong, will it brick my radar detector?



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