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    Default POP Setting For V995

    I run on the PA Turnpike all the time and was wondering if having POP on would be a better defense against the low powered Falcon HR. I have been surprised a couple of times by these units. I know a more sensitive and expensive detector would work better but that is not a realistic solution at this point. Any recommendation on settings that could improve the performance against this Radar would be appreciated

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    Default Re: POP Setting For V995

    POP is specific to the MPH-branded radar guns that MPH has a patent pending on. POP is not the same as quick trigger or instant on processes that an officer could perform with most any modern radar gun. POP is an automated feature of the MPH guns in which a 67ms (or 16ms) burst of EM is emitted and used to calculate a speed. Though I'm not aware of any state that allows POP readings to be used to write tickets.

    Back to the Vector, turning on the POP detection function would not make it more sensitive to Kustom's Falcon guns. The POP detection is specific to the MPH-type POP feature described above. Turning on POP on the V995 would:
    * Better enable the V995 to detect POP from the MPH-branded guns
    * Slow the reaction time of the rest of the bands (by a lot)
    * Give you a number of false-POP alerts

    The negatives are bad enough that I'd say keep POP off unless you live in MPH-country.

    The V995 is an RD for the RD Hall of Fame, but it won't be out-performing it's S7 or M4 horn. Getting to the next step of perfromance would be an upgraded RD.

    The V995 does let you turn off X-band if you don't have that in your area, which is a slight plus to the V995's performance. Running Highway mode also makes it more sensitive, but gives many more falses.



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