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    Default Georgia Highway Patrol and Bel RX-65

    Hey, guys, I am glad to become a part of this forum.
    Lately, I had some questions though.
    Several years ago, I have purchased RX65. I was highly satisfied with it. It really gave me great KA and K early warnings way ahead of any LE contact.

    However, I recently began noticing that the range of this device has been diminishing. Particularly, I recently got a ticket with the Georgia state trooper clocking me at the 68 mph in 55 mph zone.

    Story: My radar detector was not sensing any KA presence until I was pretty much within 100 yards of police cruiser going in the opposite direction. It(detector) went from 0 Ka presence to full 4 Bars Alert. This is not a first time when this happen. Ka band would go from 0 to 4 Bars in the matter of split second and would give no early warning.
    Trooper used Allied Concept/Stalker Dual DSR radar(according to the ticket)
    I also had this unit serviced less than a year ago and I had my Ka band setting set to USA.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what is going on? Should I send it in for a service again?

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    Default Re: Georgia Highway Patrol and Bel RX-65

    I believe the beltronics units need to be frequently RESET to keep in top notch calibration and range. Mine showed similar things too till I found this out. Look up in your manual how to fully reset it and see if this makes a difference.

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    Default Re: Georgia Highway Patrol and Bel RX-65

    You got hit with instant on. The principle is fairly simple: The LEO is using his visual estimation skills and wait at the last second to activate his radar. He only clocks what he estimates being up to his tolerance. Do a quick youtube search about Instant on (I/O) or quick trigger (Q/T) and you will find some examples.

    The sole purpose of using this method is to defeat detectors.

    IMO, Stalker is the best radar for I/O or Q/T.

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    Default Re: Georgia Highway Patrol and Bel RX-65

    Yes, it was similar to this:
    V1 & Redline vs Stalker deadly I/O - YouTube

    Except I am using RX65. Can anything be done to counter this?

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    Default Re: Georgia Highway Patrol and Bel RX-65

    well actually no since the terrain is way against you here and he was probably using I/O on top of it.

    When I take turns like this in wooded or mountainous terrain I slow far down and also creasing hills I do.

    and I NEVER blast the music when I drive like this.


    I see videos where people do this all the time which is just foolish. Sometimes your detector will make a tiny little half heart-ed beep just picking up the slighted bit of radar and you will never hear it doing this.

    I would also disable that blind spot system if I were you since it is certain to reduce your detectors ability to pick up just these signals.
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    Default Re: Georgia Highway Patrol and Bel RX-65

    Quote Originally Posted by ukrsindicat View Post
    Can anything be done to counter this?
    No and Yes to a point. You have to learn how radar works, think like a Leo and how he would use it, plus drive to fit the situation. I use a Valentine with the Ka Guard off to get an almost instant alarm (most RDs will delay the full scale hit 2-4 seconds) to have a chance to brake fast with other traffic around me. I stay out of the target display (closest and strongest signal) and try to hide in traffic to confuse the Leo when in the fastest display (fastest speed). I deal with Bama I/O Stalker all the time.....

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    Default Re: Georgia Highway Patrol and Bel RX-65

    The S7 Rx-65 is one of the best at picking up I/O radar in USA mode,very quick detector.
    If you feel the range is less than it should be send it in to Escort for a test and tune.

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    Default Re: Georgia Highway Patrol and Bel RX-65

    He has probably hit you with the instant-on/ quick trigger.
    I just came back from my trip to Florida to Georgia and I used Passport 9500 with the Bell 65-pro and between them I got 0.2-0.3 mile
    warning against 34.7 stalkers from bechind.
    The GSP trooper was using his radar in stationary front constant mode.
    My bell is an 5 years old detector with an M4 platform.



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