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    Default Micro Eye XKR-VII -- anyone got a manual?

    I inherited an ancient XKR-VII, and I'm not really sure if it's worth even putting in my car, to be honest, but I've been trying to find a manual for it. Does anyone happened to have one, or at least possibly explain a little as to how this paperweight works? It's got some switches and lights, and a 12V power cord. I know it turns out and it was beeping while driving around, but that's about it.


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    Default Re: Micro Eye XKR-VII -- anyone got a manual?

    No it isn't as it's only x-k band

    you could always make it into a super neat x band ham receiver project

    absolutely perfect for it as you have the plans right here already !
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    Default Re: Micro Eye XKR-VII -- anyone got a manual?

    This one?

    It's not worth putting in your car as any sort of actual detection of police radar. It's 20-25 years old and its hardware is not capable of detecting much (most) of the current radar guns in use. You could use it for the HAM project above, sell it in eBay for about $9, use it as a doorstop, or if you're into collecting vintage gizmos, then mount it in a glass case. The switches change sensitivity on the device, but given that it's obsolete, they won't make much of any difference today.

    For the minimum in some radar detection, I'm partial to the Bel Vector 940/955, Whistler 690/78, and the Escort 8500. But there's detectors that are better than these listed, these are just the low end that still perform...adequate.

    If you buy certain new Beltronics detectors, Bel's web site is saying they'll give you $40 off if you trade in an older Bel:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bel's site
    Trade in any older Beltronics detector, or any competitor detector, and we'll give you $40 on your trade when you purchase a new GX65, STi Magnum, RX65 or Vector 995 Beltronics radar detector.



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