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    Smile RX65 saved me today in threat mode!!

    Traveling where the speed drops from 45 to 35 was a k band drone and as alerted to this...boom ka band off axis way to the left was a cop hiding on his bike behind the drone(about 30 yards from drone) and my rx65 in threat mode alerted to both. had i still had my bel 995, i may not have gotten this or perhaps ignored the warning thinking it was the drone.
    i then switched to tech mode to see what band and he was on a 35.507 ka band. then ran couple of tests myself with pop enabled to see if this effected range like some claim it does and at least in the 3 runs i did by turning around each time switching pop on and off(6 runs total) there was no difference in range and both the drone k band and the 35.507 ka bands were still picked up in threat mode at the same locations turning around. i definately will be keeping pop on on highway drives since pop is used (even if its rare) on the fhp florida highways, i-95 and hwy 50 through vero beach to tampa and across orlando. Today so happy i traded my 995 for a rx65 rev 6.5 just for the opportunity to see threat mode in action and work very impressed with the off axis angle of the moto cop too, he was at 10-15 degree angle shooting cars hidden by the drone and had i not had it in threat mode, i or my older 995 rd unit may have missed it. This feature is so cool for just this reason.
    it would be nice though to not have to switch modes to see which frequency ka band he was using but all the less, very happy with the range and performance of the rx65. much better protected than my older 995(6 years old when i traded last week). i still keep pop off unless going on a highway trip then i will use it on. really thought the range would suffer as some suggested but at least today against the k band 24.158 drone along with the off axis 35.507 ka band the moto cop was shooting was identical in performance on this day. Very happy with the rx65. and seems much quieter overall so far than my older traded in 995, and ALOT quieter on pop falsing so far at least as it hasnt falsed once yet. But i just got the unit a week ago and only engaged pop today while i had a real life test with the drone and the ka motocop. now that ive had threat mode i would never go back to anything else unless they get a mode called "spec threat" which would show both at once.
    Does anyone have any scenerios like mine where they have had their pop mode effect the range? cause i didnt see it today at all marking my position where first encountering the drone and the ka source and ran a total 6 times with the same result. Thank you Belscort for these cool nice to see multiple bogeys at once...feel much more protected. all i need now is a blinder m27 to jam laser to replace the lp-905 which is so outdated. forget the display on the radar detector...i would then lose my smartcord and the blinder is upgradeable and im too afraid once i got the zr4 shifter, a newer zr5 would come back and be out the 449$ and the m27 apparently jams even better or as good and can keep it up to date. still need to save up for the m27 but thinking this is the way to go ..especially financially. Have nice day..
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    Default Re: RX65 saved me today in threat mode!!

    Nice! I have an rx and 9500ix, and they are awsome detectors.

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    Default Re: RX65 saved me today in threat mode!!

    Get a camera and start recording! Congrats on the nice save. I am continually torn between threat and tech mode. To the point that I will likely still run a Windshield RD with an installed one. I WISH Belscort would allow it to switch from Tech to Threat upon multiple sources.



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