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    Default bel pro300 testing

    july latest 003.JPGso far i am impressed with the increased sensitivity to k band range and still havent been able to test the ka bands yet but will report later this week against dual stalker 34.7ka C/O AND I/O ka bands. i am hoping to notice a difference with the pro300 ka sensitivity to ka band radar like i saw against the k band guns ive encountered so far.
    the rx65 i had was quite good at the ka band and will like to see if the new pro300 will do better. i remain confident in beltronics that there will be difference..especially with no longer having ku bands to scan thus will increase the sweep of the detector.
    one thing ive noticed is TSR comes enabled so if you live in an area with no tsr like florida for example, make sure to turn it off as this will slow down k band detection. you can google online where tsr is and is not at the moment.
    finally, i was hoping the laser falsing into bright sun may be better with the new lens but it acts the same to laser falsing as the rx65...consistent falsing enough to make me turn it off completly.(i reccomend not doing so and live with this annoyance to laser falsing unless you have a laser reciever/jammer as i do so i can have the luxury of not worrying about laser detection)I rely on my new m27 blinder for this and it only activates when hit with laser guns, unlike its competion the escort zr4 shifter which also will false into sun, under toll booths and other areas. so far its a very smart, quiet operating pro300 just as is the rx65 especially when in city mode which i use downtown where alot of k band is for security, door openers, etc. once out of the city, back to highway mode and is a really great detector for the money especially.
    once i do some ka testing this week, ill report in but so far so good with my opinion for the pro300 replacing the older rx65 bel. from what ive read i should see performance increase with the pro300 in ka bands compared to the rx65. they claim 40% better and dont know if this will hold true, but as far as k band, a big detection sensitivity i have already noticed with the pro300. Good job beltronics and thank you
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