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    Default RX65/S7 Ka response test in Auto/City

    Swift101 wanted to know if running the RX65/S7 Refurb in Autoscan would affect it's performance on Ka Band. His desire is to run the RX65 in USA mode for the response and range advantage, and also turn on Autoscan to dial back some of the K-Band alerts to lane assist systems becoming ever more common.

    According to information published by Bel and Escort, Autoscan and City modes do not affect the detectors Ka performance. But it never hurts to verify through independant testing. Looks like they speak the least on this detector, Autoscan and City mode had no ill effects on response times in USA mode.


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    Default Re: RX65/S7 Ka response test in Auto/City

    Great news! Thank you so much for testing these settings. I'm going to run my RX65 S7 Refurb in Autoscan/City mode and report back here to see how well these modes weed out k-band lane assist false alerts.

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    Default Re: RX65/S7 Ka response test in Auto/City

    Great video nine! Makes me proud to own one!



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