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    Default does the sti-magnum ...?

    Is there band segmentation with the magnum? I am considering the top line rd unit but I am a beltronics guy and currently have the pro300 which I love but needing a new rd unit for me and really want band segment..gps not wanted or necessary but any info greatly appreciated.
    wanna keep it a window/dashmount detector and is the magnum or the redline(the only escort i would consider) a better choice.
    and if no usa mode or band segmentation on the magnum is it still a better ka band/k band performance than the rx65/pro300 in usa mode.
    ka is so deadly here in florida and the rx65 and my new pro300 in usa mode is such an awesome unit especially in ka band range/off axis with the new the magnum still better on these bands without band segmentation than the pro300. any info greatly appreciated. Along with my m27 blinder front jammers saved me 2 weeks ago on beachside in florida...very cool to know the m27 has paid for itself already. I was not paying attention and going 45 in a 30 on A1A in vero bch, florida and the guy next to me got waived off to the side for a ticket and he let me go right by..jammed him for about 4 seconds...just till i slowed as the other guy passed me
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    Default Re: does the sti-magnum ...?

    STi Mag doesn't have BS like the STiR+. But it's a hairy-chested M3 with better performance than the M4.

    The RX65/PRO-300 is an it's good, but not quite like the M3. The current RX65/PRO-300 also keeps RDR-on...which slows things a bit. Wish RDR could be an option to be off to make it fast like ye olde RX65/S7.

    The Redline is also a He-Man M3...and a Top Dawg in raw performance and a step up from the RX65/PRO-300.
    Escort says they're planning BS and RDR-off...together, that could make for quite a performance jump. But it's been months and who knows if we'll see that update this year.

    If you're not thinking GPS (which is very good)...then also consider the V1 (maybe with Savvy). The V1 of today is also a Top Dawg in performance right along with the Redline.

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    Default Re: does the sti-magnum ...?

    thanx for the info! man that would be worth waiting if some news comes out on the escort redline coming out with rdr off and bs. kinda would wanna wait if thats gonna happen before xmas...keep me updated if you find out anything.
    im really not a valentine guy(never had one so i wont knock it) its just the escort and beltronics have all the features ive been used to over the last 20+ years and just cant get over the bigger, frame of the valentine.(wish they would make it smaller and just change a little with the design so its not so 90's looking) but have heard the v1 is a really good detector but im just set in stone with the belscort line. appreciate the quick feedback. thanx d



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