This unit is so good. I cant wait till testing comes out to compare what a difference in this pro300 vs. valentine units which use to narrowly beat the rx65. Not anymore...i would bet 5 bucks on friendly bet this pro300 beats the v1 in ka band (all of them) when run in usa mode. Both instant on and constant ka band is so good and excellent off axis.
Before approaching the construction zone where because of all the rain ending here in fl, and end of the month they have the motorcycle cops using hand held 35.5ka and unmarked mustang cobra shooting 34.7 both using instant on. its funny cause today, a guy riding my ass so i pulled over to let him pass then jumped in behind him cause i was getting a 34.7ka hit then silence and knew they were running lately in the area just didnt know where. So this guys flying ahead and sure enough hidden up over a small hill on the bottom in center median was the cobra cop and the car that passed me was a good 1/2 mile ahead when i got the ka9 instant on as the car flying was the only car in sight ahead of me and there was a break in the ka alert when i let him fly by me. Cobra pulled out nailed him right where the zone starts and thats all she wrote.
The pro300 has saved me countless times in august from a lengthy road trip to in town around all the construction going on. whats cool is i get that ka1 or2 first alert then silence, (and the unit has never falsed yet in ka band) so i knew there was a cop ahead just not sure where and then silence...then a full ka hit(from him nailing the guy in front of me flying by)
i know im a rd/laser enthusiast and its my hobby but theres alot worse things one could be doing with his time and money then enjoying my new bel and new blinder m27. which also saved me earlier today in the morning which ill be posting in the laser forum and he was shooting what looked like a truspeed laser style device off his motorcycle calling ahead to the 4 other motorcycle bikes ahead of the trap hidden off to the side and in this case I jam to gun only because the ambush was so close(4-500 feet) i was getting several attempts on my speed before i could slow a little down to the psl and kill the jammers. i normally try to kill asap. first jtg for me with my new m27's.