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    Default can you run the sti magnum with the pro300?

    call me crazy, but i have the pro300 and it rocks. i love it. already have jammers so if i wanted to upgrade to the m3 horn sti magnum, with a finally tax check cut to me 6 months late for refund. but is it worth the xtra money.
    also this sux but just got a red light ticket in mail-i honestly dont remember doing this...going while stopped at red and i went through shown to me on paper and 158.00 but no points. crazy, i dunno if i had a seizure and cant remember? i dont smoke weed, drink, meds prescribed are legal pain. i dunno but ii was thinking if i had a gps(or escort live) to tell me of red light cameras/speed cams to help me and may have prevented a ticket-it showed my speed on photo with gps location so it must have been speed camera too. bottom line ive no written tickets since 2000(not counting this one which is non moving vioation) but anyways i am good driver and would remember if i did this but i dont and this is scary.
    but can the magnum run next to the pro300 without interference. is it worth the upgrade and maybe sell the pro300 once i see which is really better/
    does the magnum have speed cameras...if not i may just want escort live on app cause i dont like gps radar detectors they have proven somewhat slower than say the raw performance of the pro300 or x50 black...non gps. but escort live upgradeable. plz advise. thanx

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    Default Re: can you run the sti magnum with the pro300?

    You cannot run the Pro300, or any non-M3 detector, along with the Magnum, or any other M3 detector without having interference issues on the Magnum/M3. Only the M3s are electronically stealth so only they can be run together without interference. Non-M3 detectors will cause interference issues with an M3 equipped detector.

    The Magnum and RedLine will have noticeably better detection performance than the Pro300 but you will lose the GPS capabilities such as camera location alerts, false alert elimination, etc. If you have an iPhone or an Android based smartphone then you can use Escort Live with your non-GPS detector to gain these GPS features. You will need to purchase a SmartCord Live to interface with the detector and your smartphone.

    The 9500ix, SmartRadar, GX65, and Pro500 will detect very similarly to the Pro300 and X50Black. The SmartRadar is probably the hottest M4 based detector right now. They found a dB or two somewhere in that little case

    Escort Radar customer service is available from 8am-6pm Eastern Time Mon-Fri at 1-800-543-1608



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