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    Default Bel 955 weird startup and all bands except Laser are disabled?

    My V955 started acting a little funky lately, when i start up my vehicle it just starts with the a bright Highway and no volume, settings arent the same, but what ive noticed is all the bands are disabled except laser? i went through the settings an I noticed it says Bands"MOD" SWS and POP are all "Off", called up Beltronics, they want $100?!? must be crazy, i love the RD but i heard the Pro 300 is a ton better and the initial payment on it is $75, is there a temporary fix or is it a firmware problem? tried resetting it and no luck, tried it with other vehicles, same problem

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    Default Re: Bel 955 weird startup and all bands except Laser are disabled?

    Did it say "reset" when you reset it to factory defaults? If not then it will need serviced. The Pro300 is a much better detector than the V955, you will not be disappointed with it.

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