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    Default STi-R Plus Receiver GONE

    So I'm driving up to Sactown from the bay area, on the way to Disney on Ice (via my girl's request) moving good around 90+ as we were over an hour late.
    Running my classic setup, STi-R Plus, V1, LI quad.

    I was overdriving my headlights by quite a large margin, and unfortunately it screwed me.

    Out of nowhere, a huge black object in the road, probably a tire, and there was NO way, whatsoever, that I'd be able to swerve around it.

    I ran right into it, and clipped my front bumper, smashing part of the valence.

    I pull over to inspect the damage, and all I see is the smashed plastic from the bumper hanging off, and a wire dangling where my receiver once was.

    How can I order a replacement receiver? as every other component of the STi-R Plus is still installed, and will the warranty cover this damage?

    I've been a loyal Beltronics customer for years now, and I'm hoping their warranty will help me out, if not completely cover a replacement.

    If not, unfortunately I'll have to junk the rest of the parts, as I cannot afford to purchase a replacement part if it's going to be more than a couple hundred dollars.

    Please give me some good luck/hope here!!

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    Default Re: STi-R Plus Receiver GONE

    That stinks! But Warrenty--NO Way. How can that be a warrenty issue at all? you ran over something and smashed it, no fault of the Rcvr itself. Pretty sure you will be purchasing a new Rcvr, they may cut you a deal but thats about it.



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