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    Default Bel Pro500 Issues

    Hi, new to this forum... Looking for some advice.

    I recently upgraded from an RX65 to the Pro500 because I wanted the GPS feature to lockout false K band alerts. Its mounted under the rear view mirror (BlendMount) exactly where the RX65 was. Problem number 1 is false laser alerts. I don't think its from the car's NAV screen because false laser alerts were extremely rare with the RX65 mounted in the same position. Problem 2 is that the GPS has difficulty locking on to a satellite. I figured maybe it needs a clearer view of the sky so I took it off the BlendMount, set it on the dash and it still could not find a satellite. Funny thing is it easily found and locked onto a satellite when I was initially setting it up while parked in my garage!

    Right now, I have laser detection disabled and GPS working only when it feels like it! Drove home from work tonight and it never got a GPS lock. I'm very disapointed and may end up returning it. Anyone have advice or comments? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Bel Pro500 Issues

    So, I mounted the RD on the windshield with a clear view of the sky using the supplied suction cup bracket and smart cord. Have not had any false laser alerts and it's locking on to satellite within a minute or so. The Pro500 is working perfectly!

    I want to confirm/clarify that the "issue" I mentioned in the thread title is with the original mounting location under the rear view mirror using the BlendMount.

    Now that I understand the importance of mounting location, I'm still hoping that I can find a way to adjust the BlendMount so that the Pro500 is happy.



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