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    Default Pop in houston tx ??????????

    I'm testing my bel pro 300 with pop mode on, I see, They pop mode using in houston tx,,,,,, and I had some pop encounters with alert mode,,,,,,,,,, then I see cars law enforcement at entering freeway,,,:

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    Default Re: Pop in houston tx ??????????

    I've had POP go off before too while on my way to Austin from DFW. A few seconds later my x50 started to get a constant on weak Ka signal with a slow ramp up over 2min. What happened was a very short burst of constant on Ka signal was briefly detected and threw a POP code. The police officer was about 4-5mi traveling the opposite side of the highway when POP was detected. I know he was about 4-5mi away because it took ~2min till we crossed each other traveling 75mph from the first signal encounter.

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    Default Re: Pop in houston tx ??????????

    Never believe POP on any RD for a POP mode alarm is bell and whistle gimmic. The RD does not always not know the difference between a POP or a short burst or a tail end of and I/O. Escort is bad about giving out POP when it is not, Bel is a Escort....



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