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    Default e93 m3 (bmw) or similar, sti-r - Must I remove the bumper to install?


    I've got my bmw 2013 e93 m3 and I'm gonna install the sti-r plus myself. I live in the Va/DC area so I'd prefer to install it as stealthily as possible. I'm thinking of placing the radar receiver behind the lower fascia, but I'm wondering if I'll need to remove the bumper to do that. Anyone have any experience with this? I don't mind removing the bumper but from what I can find with lots of google searches, it's a bit of a pain and I'd prefer to avoid having to do it!

    Thanks in advance -

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    Default Re: e93 m3 (bmw) or similar, sti-r - Must I remove the bumper to install?

    If you want to install it BEHIND the lower grill, then yes you must remove the bumper. The grill has clips at the back which you cant reach from below.

    If you install it in front of the lower grill, you can just feed the wires up and grab them from the kidney grills.



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