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    Default Beltronics STI-R Plus remote install

    Installing on a Hayabusa Motorcycle. Have a kit coming in from Beltronics to shorten the Antennas/jammers. However I need to lengthen the Controller, LED Display, and remote warning light by about 3 feet.

    What is the Registered Jack (RJ) number that is used on for connectors? RJ11?
    Can I just use an RJXX coupler and add a 3' extender to it?
    Can I cut the wire about a 6" from the led/control/light end, put an RJxx male end on, use a RJxx Coupler and use an 8.5' RJxx male to male cable? The reason is most of the stuff is mounted to a panel which will need to be removed for maintenance, would be nice to be able to unplug and put the panel to one side.


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