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    Question Fully integrated STi setup?

    Hey guys,

    I came across a pretty cool video of an STi Magnum that was integrated into a car with a flip-up screen for the display.

    He says "Took me a while but finally got it all setup. Setup uses push button toggle switch and servo controllers with 555 chips (circuits found on google) and a servo. LCD is simply removed and soldered to longer cable and detector is integrated into gutted sun visor. Capacitor with diodes gives controller power to close after turnoff." in the video description.

    I'm not very familiar with electronics, maybe someone has undertaken a project like this and knows of some instructions they could pass on?


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    Default Re: Fully integrated STi setup?

    Wow......that's stealth on stealth. Very cool.

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    Default Re: Fully integrated STi setup?



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