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    Default pin out for rj11

    hi all I bought a used vector 955 on ebay, I want to test if it works,I however didn't get it with a cord. I wanted to use an rj11 cord from a telephone cord to test it but i dont know which contacts on the cord would be positive and negative.Could someone test the pin out on the beltronics cable and tell me which is positive and negative.So im looking for an answer like this "testing the pin out with the clip on top and the contacts facing you (cord going away from you) from left to right pin ------ is positive and pin------- is negative."

    thanks very much

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    Default Re: pin out for rj11

    You're probably looking for a needle in the haystack hoping to find someone here with that specific RD & also owning a VOM to do the pin-out for you.
    You can try:
    1.EscortRadar Rep. visits occasionally here,leave a msg Post for him in the Escort Thread.
    2.Try Escort website & search for RD power cords.
    3.Join EscortRadar Forum & contact the Rep. there w/ "EscortRadar" username.

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    Default Re: pin out for rj11

    thanks for the advise



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