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    Default wire rx65 into car stereo

    any suggestions on how to wire the rx65 into the car speakers (IVE A TAPE DECK ) in the car at the moment and when im using the ipod with the tape adapter i can use a splitter and wire it in so it goes through the speakers and that works successfully

    i was looking for a more permanent fixture like a tap into the speakers or something like that so if im listening to the radio or ipod or whatever the rx65 will alert through the car stereo system

    any suggestions :wink:

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    The output from the headphone jack of the RX65 is pretty loud so you may go deaf if you splice it into the tape input.

    Perhaps it's strong enough that you could wire it in directly into one of the speakers (the one closest to you maybe?).

    Just an idea.

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    slice it and make sure the volume is down a may cause some probs with the radio but may be ok.,



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