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    Angry Beltronics RX75 getting "Recvr Error" - what are my options?

    RX75 is about 10 years old and just started getting the "Recvr Error". I know it is the sealed box mounted up front and not the laser detectors. I called Beltronics and they do not service this model anymore. What kind of crap is that. Expensive remote detectors should have longer support life. So what are my options? Does anyone else service these units? I looked on the net and did not see much mentioned about the RX75 and nothing about repairing it.

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    Default Re: Beltronics RX75 getting "Recvr Error" - what are my options?

    Spoke to Escort's engineering about this and they did confirm that they can no longer provide service assistance with this unit as it's been out of production for a decade.

    Generally receiver errors I believe have to do with wiring of the remote head. You may want to consider checking the wiring and see if you find an issue.

    Parts could be hard to come by.

    Short of this, I would probably recommend you consider an 8500ci and/or a laser shifter pro combination or a Whistler 3600 type remove unit as a reasonably priced remote system that is more current.

    Wish I had a better answer for you.
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