I'm going to the golf course this morning and I get a short Ka alert on my STI. Since I was passing a Southern States store I figured must be them. About 10 seconds later here comes a county Mountie down the other side of the road but I get no more alerts. On the way home I am approaching the same store and I get another Ka alert but this one lasts longer. The same county Mountie comes out of the store parking lot makes a U turn and starts following me. My detector goes on a steady alert only now it is K band. The county Mountie follows me for about 6 miles until we leave his county then he turns around and goes back up the road. All the time he was following me I kept getting a K band alert.

What was going on. Does he have a KA instant on and a K band continuously on in the car?

Aside from all that the STI saved my bacon since I was going about 75 in a 45 when the first KA alert hit. Maybe that is why he followed me for so long. One would think he would have noticed I was on cruise control at 47 mph the whole time.