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    Default My RX65 experience

    In the middle of Feb 06, i bought my RX65 from alpinejohn on ebay. (yes, after reading in these forums, i learned to avoid ebay detectors, but too late) I purchased the direct wire-in kit, and installation was no problem. I mounted it high, but low enough for it to "see" around the rear-view mirror. It is the M4 v2.9.

    I live in the Detroit area, and so far i would recommend autoscan. It's often difficult to decide where to use city and highway modes when driving around here. I have always recieved plenty of warning from the trusty RX65, even when the LEO is on the other side of the hill, around a curve, ect.

    FYI Michigan residents and travelers: the MI State Police have K, KA, and Laser equipment. The Sterling Heights police have these capabilities also! They do not use X-band equipment!

    I recently went on a trip from Detroit MI to Whitewater WI, back to Chicago IL, then back to Detroit. On the highway, my RX65 warned me of LEOs miles in advance every time. When traveling thru WI, the RX65 only saw one LEO, and he was using POP! Again, POP displayed at least a few miles before i saw the LEO going the other way. In Chicago, most police do not use radar, but city mode no X works great for telling you who does.

    A day or 2 after arriaving back in town, my RX65 started acting a little funny. Upon boot-up, it would display its settings like normal, but no values. The buttons did not seem to really do much, at least not all the time. I re-started it several times, and it did the same thing each time. I went into program mode immediately, and it showed no value for some settings. I set my perferred values for each setting, and it has been working great since, but this is still worth noting. Does this sound familiar to anybody?

    Overall, i am very happy with my eBay RX65, it has not failed me yet . . . unlike that stupid Cobra i used to use!

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    It does when I had my Ebay 65, only I got "service required" messages.



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