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    Default I live in Tucson Az checking for the best settings

    I have the RX 65 live in Tucson Az and was wondering what the best settings to use. Also Does anyone know if they are using SWS here in Arizona...So far my Bel Pro RX65 is a great detector, had it for about a week now..I get a lot of X in the city. I went to Sierra Vista Az the other day and got my first KA in town.

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    Default Re: settings

    Well, if you are on the open road (highway, freeway) and there isn't much around, I would use the highway setting. Driving through a dense part of town, you might want to switch it to the city setting. I personally like the auto-mute feature that Bel has to offer. After the initial alert, it will start clicking which I have always enjoyed. My Bel 970 has this feature. I would check to see if x band and POP mode are used in your area. I would say that k,ka, and laser would be a threat. But make sure to check on x band and POP mode. Remember, Nevada has I think the most POP mode radar guns. I hope this info is useful. Mk

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    Welcome to the board.

    I haven't come across SWS here.
    Also X is not in use here.

    i would turn off x and SWS.

    i don't know offhand, but if the RX65 filters k in city mode, use that around town, and switch to Highway for the open areas. i actually just leave my SR7s in Highway all the time.

    TPD uses heavy laser, and some patrol units carry ka band. i have yet to come across any k band in the city limits for several years now, unless it's from a deputy with k band passing through.

    S.O. uses k and ka. i suspect they may have laser, but i have not confirmed this as of yet.

    Marana is mainly ka with some k, unsure of laser.

    Oro Valley uses mainly Laser now.

    I think South Tucson is ka.

    tohono uses k, and Pasqua uses k and laser.

    DPS has k and ka.

    that should pretty much cover the local commute.

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    Thanks for the tip RacerX..



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