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Thread: RX65 Lagging Up

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    Default RX65 Lagging Up

    Anyone ever had their RX65 lag up really bad? I'd been on the interstate for about a half hour last week, when I got off, went to turn the volume down, found that my RX was responding very very slowly. Example - press the city mode button, a second later it'd beep and change to city mode. Took forever for the volume to adjust too. Turned it off and back on and all was well, still kinda concerning though.

    Anybody else seen this?

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    Default Re: RX65 Lagging Up

    That doesn't sound good. I've never experienced such lagging performance on my RX65.

    Quote Originally Posted by compu44
    Anyone ever had their RX65 lag up really bad?

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    I had very few good experiences with my 65...



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