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    Default Louder alarm alternatives?

    I'm using a Valentine1 and have the blider m20 on my Ducati st3.
    I use a open face hlemet so it's hard to hear hence
    I have hooked up the valentine to the radar screamer which works well and would like to do the same with the blinder. it's loud but not loud enough when on the freeway, plus the little light is pretty dim during the day.
    Is there someting that can be done or does something exist that I can hook up the blinder to a alternate sound amplifying source for better volume?
    Is it possible to tap into the wiring of the blinder and attach it to the screamer?
    any suggestion or ideas would be helpful

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    the pizo beeper, you can buy a louder one, that current one is 95 db you could buy a 110db or above depending on how lound you want it...

    radio shack sell them...

    108db $10.50

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    Default beep

    Yes, Thanks but I know about these, this is very similar to a Screamer but my dilemma & search is for the interface to attach the blinder wiring to the alternate source or wire it into my screamer. I can not find wiring specs of the blinder so I am not sure how to properly customize it. Perhaps Leon from Blinder could help me with the diagram? Or better yet I could try to get another alarm/light wire assembly to figure it out. Hey Leon if you read this how much is it for just the alrm/light assembly?



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