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    I installed my jammers on my 1990 Porsche 964. I put them in the grille and fabricated some brackets to fit. Everything works great during the daylight hours. However, as soon as I hit the headlights, the jammers trip and I get a red light.

    I have HID's installed. The wiring does snake close to HID loom and voltage boxes. Do you think I'm getting some electrical feedback from the HID's that are tripping the jammers?

    If I put on the headlamps when I'm facing the garage wall, the Valentine One goes crazy.

    Any ideas what could cause this?



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    What kind of HIDs are they? I take it they aren't stock.

    If they set your V1 off, then they're operating at a pulse range comparable to lidar, which is also triggering your Blinder. Not to mention triggering any RDs you encounter when driving at night with your lights on.

    You could try re-routing wires or running the Blinder on a different circuit to see if that helps, but I'm thinking the problem is optical, not electrical. Probably the only solution is to replace the HIDs with different ones, or go back to good ol' halogen.
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    They are aftermarket. Porsche lamps are crap and these are so much better, and safer.

    If this was the case, optical, then wouldn't HID's trigger when oncoming traffic hit the jammers?

    I know my V1 gies crazy when some cars with 3rd LED brake lights stop in front of me.




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