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    Default Some questions before I buy my M-20 from RR..

    I'm pretty confident I want to make the dive into the laser jammer market, hopefully placing an order tomorrow. I've done tons of research, and have narrowed it down to two jammers: the M-20, and the AL7.

    The AL7 is hard to obtain, and expensive. The M-20 is very easy to get and I'm sure installing it won't be a problem (I would buy an install card). Here is what is concerning me, though:

    1) I have a 99' Nissan Maxima, I plan to use Veil and Laser Shield, along with my V1 with my jammer setup. Honestly, to those of you who are informed about these jammers, would the M-20 be suffice for me, or would the AL7 be that much better? I plan to turn off the jamming ASAP (especially considering that jammers are illegal in VA) once I slow down. So if punchthrough can occur at very close distances, it's not a huge deal since I'll be turning off the jammer once I slow down. But I saw one of Jason's videos where the cops told him they got a reading at 783ft, which is not good at all.

    2) I'm reading about diode jammers vs. LED ones. I guess diode jammers can be a lot more concealable. Below is a picture of my grill; there shouldn't be any problems with installation on my car should there be? What would a good location to install the heads be?

    3) Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but do jammers only work < 1,000ft? Anything greater than that, veil/laser shield can do the job?

    4) Has anyone used these certified installers for the install card? Can I trust them?


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    blinders and veil have been proven over and over again

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    I live in arlington and have a m40 ( 2 heads in back and 2 in frnt). I go to nj alot and they use laser from overpasses on the NJ turnpike . hit you in the back as you go by.

    I got the m40 from radar roy with the installcard. Used a very nice and professional installer in Falls church ( graphics and tint) they do car radio installs and radar installs as well. They are on the list of installers for installcard.

    They use Pro lasers in fairfax and arlington and ultralytes as well. I have had no problem with jamming these guns for a sustained time. I am happy with the blinder.

    hope this helps. i used graphics and tint for my 50% tint on my 325i as well. they do nice work.




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