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    Default Converting M-20 to M-40...

    As I've stated before I'm going to buy 2 more jammers pretty soon. My theory was to add one more to the front to give me 3 and 1 to the back. However, I've scene some people believe we should have 2 in the back as well.

    What are you all's thoughts? Is 1 in the back sufficent?

    thanks for the help


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    If your car is anything like mine I'd probably do 2 in the back and 2 in the front. My reasoning is that there is AT LEAST as much reflective area in the back as in front. Also there's no telling if a cop will target your rear LP or one of the lights, and a single transponder might not pick up the hit.

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    Single unit in the back will give you detection, but nothing else. A direct hit a single will hold it for a few seconds. A rear shot is close range with the smallest beam. Rear shots are rare if you are looking for jamming go for two.



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