Not sure if my new M20/M3 mounting job is "hiding in plain sight" or just plain "plain sight". Also not sure if it is ugly or not, although on that matter I'm not too concerned.

Also blacked out the chrome kidney grill, and of course, veil and no front plate. So I hope I'm in pretty good shape for a white car.

The reason I post is to show how I overcame the (IMO) stupid Blinder mounting brackets. I posted an idea like this to BlinderDude a while ago, so maybe this will be another nudge. For this install the height of the mount was obviously critical once the holes were made in the bumper. I used the following approach to be able to fine tune the height of the brackets, allowing them to pivot fairly freely until the height and resulting angle were correct.

From the top down it goes:
Nut 1
lock washer
metal bumper section
(another lock washer should be here but I didn't have room)
nut 2
adjustable space
nut 3
lock washer
blinder bracket
bolt head

Nut 3 is tightened down to squeeze the bracket. Nut 1 is turned while applying downward pressure on blinder to adjust angle. Then Nut 2 is tightened to hold that in place.

IMO the blinder should have a captured nut with a bolt that lets you adjust the angle relative to the bracket. You can just see such a captured nut in the lower right of the first photo where the BMW foglight angle adjustment is. Cheap and simple but it works great. It should also have a few more options in brackets. And why are the current brackets just too small to allow the blinder to mounted with the legs facing in?!?