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    Default Amplfy the audio alert?

    I just finished installing Blinder laser Jammer on a Goldwing motorcycle:

    Front view:

    Back view:

    On/ Off toggle:


    Due to the nature of motorcycle riding (helmet+wind+music, etc) it is hard to notice the alert system.
    I do have an intercom system, (heard through the helemet), this system incorporastes radio, xm, GPS/ and rider / passenger conversation.
    Is there a way I can incorporate the buzzer signal into the motorcycle intercom system?
    I can connect to the intercom any 1/8" audio plug, (xm / ipod etc), but I have no idea how to "convert" a buzzer signal to an audio sound.
    I hope my question makes sense,

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The Blinder has an automute wire (blue one) that goes to some car stereos, but i'm not sure if it will work with the intercom or not.

    another option which should be available in a few weeks is a LASERnode and AUDIOnode from cheetah.

    All you have to do is plug in the LASERnode transmitter to the Blinder junction box instead of the buzzer. Then you plug an AUDIOnode into the intercom system and power it from the bike. This will make your Blinder wireless.

    The AUDIOnode has an adjustable volume control so the Blinder alert levels can be balanced with the other audio inputs on the intercom system and it connects to any intercom system using a standard 3.5mm stereo jack.

    The pricing lists should be up soon.

    Go here,

    that is the website for North America. you can click on the link to go to the UK site and look at the different products they also have.

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    Here is what I did : splice the wire that gives voltage to the led .

    Test which pairs that gives the alert : 2 out of the 4 wires.

    Connect a high intensity led , choose the color that attracts most your attention , then find the location that will be in your field of view when driving . You can use very thin and flexible wires.

    I choose bright white , no need for the stand-by status , just the alert .

    Find it more efficient than a extra loud buzzer.

    Make sure the led is well encapsulted in a waterproof glue/cement/ .

    With this system , I don't even use the buzzer of my m-20.

    Practice with hot glue to test your best location .



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