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    Default Forced to Buy Jammer!!!

    I knew the laser was getting closer and closer to me. First I heard about it in Lexington,KY then I saw it in Indianapolis. Then I saw it on interstate 65 a little north of where I sometimes drive. But now there were 2 motorcycles underneath the overpass at exit 119 on interestate 64. Where a state trooper in a patrol car usually sits and radars. Well today there was a motorcycle lasering. My mom was telling me about it and she thought they were making a movie with a video camera :roll: . So now I am forced to get a jammer just for the heck of it.... :twisted: So I haven't been up to date with whats been going on around here on these forums so could someone fill me in if Antilaser has anything for sale to the PUBLIC yet??? :shock: Or is a blinder m-20 the best way to go for my suv.

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    Here's his Vehicle. I think its a Saturn VUE.



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