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    Default false ing on m20

    This has happened twice to me.I have parked the car close to a building.when i get out and start it up again the
    Blinder goes off as well as my v1 (assuming the blinder is working setting off the v1 but what makes the blinder go off??

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    So after the initial power up beep from the blinders you get an additional beep? Are you sure the power source you have them hooked up to does not dip down when you start the vehicle. To give you an example, in my car all my countermeasures get power from the cig lighter line. When I turn the ignition to on my v1 does it's start up sequence and my blinders beep for about 3 seconds. When I start my car, the V1 and the blinders repeat the exact same thing. So unless this is happening to you, I would say either you are picking up some light in the range of the V1 and blinders or something is wrong.

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    Default same

    I get the same problem sometime on my M40.
    If I park very close to the wall, when I start up the start up tone does not switch off at all. Just keeps beeping till I turn it off then on again. Then it seems fine...Wierd.

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    If you turn on the blinder and start your car before the first alert is over, it will trigger the blidner to start firing.

    The v1 detects the blinder firing, which is why it alerts.



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