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    Default Veil and Blinder

    I have read about quite a few tests involving the Blinder. The Blinder seems to be perfectly capable on its own of providing good protection against laser. If I have three Blinder heads on the front of the car, do I really need to Veil the headlights?

    One piece of info is that I do not have a front plate.

    I am concerned about putting the Veil on the headlights because of the high pressure washers for the lights. The washer fluid will wash off the Veil.

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    Veil helps Blinder work better.

    As long as your washer fluid doesn't have a high concentration of alcohol or ammonia in it, it shouldn't hurt the Veil.

    I have power washers on my Audi and haven't had any trouble with my Veil. But then I haven't used the power washers much either. We'll see how it holds up in the winter when I'll be using them more.
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    You need veil for the blinder to jam at long distances.



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