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Thread: Blinder and Bra

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    Default Blinder and Bra

    Got the STI, and Ive got VEIL and LS on the way, also have a bra on the way because ive got some pretty shiny white paint on my car.

    wondering if anyone has had any experieince or just knows about using the blinder or any jammer with a bra.

    there would be a translucent black fabric over the install can see through it and air can pass through it...any input?


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    I had a bra with my Zr3 on my previous car. I made sure there was nothing between the jammer heads and the road in front of me.

    In my opinion, anything in front of the heads, even if it is see-through, will degrade your jammers performance.

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    there will be 2 options on that.
    once you have the FINAL mounting locations, and i emphasize final from experience, you can use a razorblade and trim the mesh just around the heads, uncovering the lens, but not the end caps, or, you can leave the mesh and have the heads touching it.
    i had no tearing or issues with trimmed mesh around jammer heads.

    now before you cut the mesh if you can wait about another week, i can give you a better answer on option 2.
    i just got a new bra to replace my old one that i did a lot of "cutting and experimenting" on, and right now i have 4 of my heads behind the mesh for a more concealed look.

    i'll be retesting with my laser gun to see if it causes any noticeable affect on performance and i'll let you know.

    on some previous testing my 2 bottom heads were behind the mesh and i still got JTG, but i have other jammers. we'll see how all 4 work behind the mesh.
    i'll also use a camera to compare before and after pics of the light output.

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    Default thanks

    yes i will wait to hear from you. i appreciate your help.

    i got my veil and and ls today, i got the bra last week, but im gonna wait till i get the jammer to put it all on i think.

    the mesh on my bra is pretty thin and spaced, i bet it would still work pretty well, especially considering the front of my car is going to be all matt black, veiled and ls'd.

    i also need to consider concealment as i live in an area where rd/lj is banned.

    any input is appreciated.



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