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    Default blinder install location

    I recently installed the m-20 where yellow marks and I am a little concerned with location. Should i remount the jammers to the green colors on the grill. Seem like thye would be a perfect fit there. Any ideas? Where the black box is is where my license plate is. I have laser shield coverd over the front plate.

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    idk if it will work right but what about under the green where the grille is diagonal? that is basically in the dead center of the front end

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    i would leave em where they are. i say this because you have a large front end with a lot of flat bumper area. by leaving em where they are, you will be protecting your plate, plus more of the flat bumper surface area. if you re-mounted thim up high were you want, you will be leaving a lot of area fro will only be protecting the dead center. id leave em where they are.

    remember, they blinder only covers 18in in radius. keep that in mind. you will be covering more crucial area within that 18in if left where they are.



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