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    Default Found this Blinder for sale and is it for real???

    Here is the posted ad for the Blinder for sale:

    I am selling a New in Box - Blinder Laser Jammer, made in EU - Model #: M-06 HP.

    It is designed to block lasers aimed at the vehicle. It consists of two small black boxes to block the laser that are installed behind the front and rear bumpers. I bought it a few years ago to use in my sports car, never installed the unit & recently sold the car.

    Comes with:

    Installation Guide & Supplement

    Black box jammer devices with wiring

    Mounting hardware

    Original Box

    Asking $75obo

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    Very old. Does not work with current guns in use.

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    Default thank you.

    I was wondering if it was for real and if it would work against the newer guns. not worth the money then..thanks again.

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